Is FaceTime on iPhone 4S free?

Answer YES, It's free. but just can use at apple product. for example: iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S, iPad touch,

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Is FaceTime free on the iPhone 4S?

most definitely yes. Although it is illegal and a federal offense.

Is Facetime free for iPhone 4?

Facetime is not limited by a data plan as you can only use it if you have a WiFi connection so as long as you have WiFi you can connect for free ♥

Is it free to do FaceTime ?

Its free if done over wifi, if done on your iphone not over wifi then if as long as you don't go over your data plan then its free, otherwise i think it just costs how much your internet browsing c... Read More »

Where is FaceTime on iPhone 4?

There is no app for it, you have to add someone to your contacts that also has an iphone 4 and from their page in your contacts there is a "Facetime" button.