Is FRYS electronics a HUGE RIP-OFF?

Answer IF you know what ur lookg for theyr great for savings. BUT if you don't know what's needed than ur in deep doo-doo. You'll be the blind leading the's true the ppl they have in teck are... Read More »

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My frys dont eat the food i gives them?

Huh? I think your question isn't' most understandable. Giving decent food to animals not baby food help maybe.Then they eat a lot.

Everything on my screen is huge?

How do you eat a huge jawbreaker?

put it in a plastic bag and break it with a hammer into bite sized pieces!

Why has my page gone huge?

Is it everything on you screen that turns big or just the internet?If it is just the internet click somewhere on the page hold down Control, and scroll with the wheel on your mouse until the text ... Read More »