Is FDA trying to shorten the lifespan of our children?

Answer I don't agree that the FDA is trying to shorten out children's lives. The FDA is an organization and cannot have an opinion, but the people working their are operating under specific agendas. I b... Read More »

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Does frequently powering up an LED TV shorten the TV's lifespan?

If LEDs are overpowered you will see dimming over time. Normal LED screens are not designed to fail that quickly, but cheaper ones may overvolt LEDs to get beter luminosity numbers. There is no eas... Read More »

If you are trying to serve your daughter for temporary custody of her children and you have the court order but can't find your daughter can you go ahead and take the children if they aren't with her?

Answer If you have a valid court order you may take the children into your care. If the situation warrants the assistance of the local police you should contact them and show them the custody order... Read More »

I am trying to find out some children songs could you help me?

Little Bunny Foo FooClean up, clean upWheels on the busYou are my sunshineA sailor went to sea sea sea"A" you're adorableDance to your daddyOn top of old smoky/spaghettiMiss Mary MackThe animal fai... Read More »

I'm trying to teach my children how to make friends with others in their class, but their teacher seems to?

What a prude! Tell the teacher to lighten up!*have you tried other types of alcohol? certain people need to stick to liqueurs (usually those under 16)*