Is Express Files safe?

Answer Not a legit site! I would suggest you to have an good antivirus software so that it would let you know which is safe and which is not safe!

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How do I add DBX files to Outlook Express?

Find the Outlook Express Store Folder LocationClick on "Tools" and choose "Options" from the menu. Navigate to the "Maitenance" tab and click "Store Folder." Under "Store Location" observe where Ou... Read More »

How do I delete Outlook Express files?

Launch your Outlook Express application. Click on the folders on the left side to find the email that you want to delete. As you click through the folders, the contents of that particular folder wi... Read More »

How do I back up my Outlook Express files?

Outlook Express is an email management program that is included on many Microsoft operating systems. It allows you to view, delete and transfer emails, and to set up various files and filters to di... Read More »

Where are Outlook Express files saved?

Microsoft Outlook Express stores email files with the extension .dbx and address books with the .wab extension as hidden files under the directory C:\Documents and Settings\%USERPROFILE%\Local Sett... Read More »