Is Emeril aluminum cookware safe?

Answer On One Hand: Aluminum BenefitsAluminum is commonly used for cookware because of the way it absorbs and evenly diffuses heat. Emeril cookware sets include hard anodized aluminum and aluminum include... Read More »

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How to Clean Emeril Cookware?

Emeril is a nationally known chef that has his own line of cookware including stainless steel, hard enamel, enamel cast iron, pro-clad, hard anodized, and pre-seasoned cast iron. Emeril cookware re... Read More »

How do I care for Emeril cookware?

Stainless and Pro-CladClean stainless-steel and Pro-Clad Emerilware with a soft cloth and powder cleanser. Add warm water to the cleanser to form a paste, and clean the pan using a circular motion.... Read More »

Emeril Cookware Description?

Food tycoon Emeril Lagasse has had several TV shows that teach recipes and cooking tips. The chef gained popularity because of his cooking abilities and personality, then began marketing consumer p... Read More »

Is the Emeril Lagasse stainless steel cookware non-reactive?

According to Martha Stewart Living, stainless steel and tin are non-reactive metals, so Emeril Lagasse's stainless steel cookware is non-reactive. Reactive metals include non-coated aluminum, cast ... Read More »