Is Eddie Jackson of queensryche still a vegetarian?

Answer Yes, according to IMDB. So is Geoff Tate.

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If i'm vegetarian, and I eAT FISH, WOULD I STILL BE A VEGETARIAN? is an animal..vegetarians do not eat animals. Eggs found at the supermarket have never been nor will they ever be embryos since they have never been fertilized.

Is Reggie Jackson still alive?

Reggie Jackson, inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1993, is still alive, as of June 2010. Jackson, born on May 18, 1946 in Abington, Pennsylvania, played Major League Baseball for 21 season... Read More »

Am I still a vegetarian?

You're so funny lol :D. Being a veggie is up to you, even if you accidentally get a bug down your throat, it doesn't disqualify you from the veggie league. It was an accident anyways, its not like ... Read More »

I am still a vegetarian?

What is your question?Sorry, Colin. Vegetarians don't eat animal flesh. So, no, you are an omnivore like 98% of the world.…