Is E85 fuel corrosive?

Answer E85 (an alcohol fuel) can corrode some types of rubber, metal parts and plastic, but this is not much of an issue in today's vehicle market, as most of the newer vehicles are designed to resist cor... Read More »

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Are all acids corrosive?

Answer All acids are corrosive, but to what - that is the real question. It is really a matter of PH. PH is the measure of acid or alkalai. even alkalais are "corrosive", just in a different way... Read More »

Is hydrogen corrosive?

Hydrogen is not inherently corrosive, but can cause corrosion due to its reactivity, especially with metals such as titanium and certain types of steel, according to NASA. Hydrogen corrosion proble... Read More »

Is sodium chloride corrosive to copper plumbing?

No, sodium chloride is simply table salt and cannot affect copper plumbing

Is a temperature sensor suitable for corrosive environments?

On One Hand: Corrosive Environments Decrease AccuracyLifetime Reliability, an educator in educating workplaces about reliability and maintenance, explains that corrosive environments will decrease ... Read More »