Is Dyson Zorb safe for children?

Answer Dyson Zorb is made from 100% recycled and biodegradable carpet cleaner, and it is non-toxic. However, its powder contains millions of tiny sponges to absorb dirt. This can be hazardous for small ch... Read More »

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What is the difference between Dyson Animal& Dyson All Floors?

The primary difference between the Dyson Animal and Dyson All Floors models is cost and a single vacuum attachment. In every other way, they are the same.All FloorsThe Dyson DC25 All Floors model ... Read More »

Is it safe for children to use a hot tub?

AnswerIf you have an older model the child's hair could get caught in the intake and they could drown.I would also be concerned with temp too hot and the length of time spent in the tub. Could fall... Read More »

Is singulair safe for children?

On One Hand: Tested in Children Age 6 Months to 14 states that Singulair has been safety tested in children from 6 months to 14 years of age. A double-blind placebo test was conducte... Read More »

Is thymol safe for children?

On One Hand: Thymol Is Used in MouthwashesThymol is used as an active ingredient in antiseptic mouthwashes and has been used medicinally---according to Natural Standard---for thousands of years for... Read More »