Is Dutch Gel vegan friendly?

Answer If you don't like eating fossilised insects then I'd say no...

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Is "Dutch Crunch" or "Sourdough" bread vegan?

Usually, but not 100% of the time.Dutch crunch bread is usually made with oil, which is vegan. But it might be made with margarine, oil, and/or butter. If it's made with butter or certain margarine... Read More »

Are yankee candles vegan friendly?

You can find Yankee soy candles in the store, but not all of them are. Make sure to check the label and keep in mind that beeswax isn't vegan.

Where to buy Vegan friendly Faux Black Leather Bracelet(s)?

I don't think there's anything exactly like this, but, for future reference, all the "leather" products on Forever 21 are faux. Like this:…

Know any vegan friendly fondants, icing,cake mixes?……ANY frosting recipe that calls for butter can be made with vegetable shortening.In fact, professional frosting ... Read More »