Is Dr. Pepper really carbonated prune juice ?

Answer no. that's a rumor that's been around since 1930.…

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If prunes are dried plums then why isn't prune juice called plum juice?

You do know that there is plum juice, right? I'm sure it's made from the non-dried plum.Anyhow....I'm guessing that prune juice comes from adding water to the dried fruit and letting it set?????M... Read More »

Why is prune juice called prune juice?

The reason its called "prune juice" is just condensed more than plum juice. Its kinda hard to explain....if you squeeze a plum, you get semi-clear liquid.But if you squeeze a prune, you get like a ... Read More »

How to Prune Bell Pepper Plants?

Bell peppers grow well in many areas of the United States. Although they take a bit longer to grow than other peppers--including chili and jalapeno peppers--they are hardy plants. As with most plan... Read More »

Do you have to be old to enjoy prune juice?

Definitely not it's a great source of fiber