Is Dentyne better for braces?

Answer On One Hand: Better Than Bubble GumDr. Dan Peterson, a Nebraska dentist, recommends sugar-free gum such as Dentyne and advises strongly against hard or sugary bubble gum. Sugar-free gum can stimula... Read More »

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Is it better to get braces now i'm 16 or later when i'm 40?

See an orthodontist for an evaluation. He/she will tell you whether you need braces.I had braces at age 42. I don't recommend that you wait that long. Crooked, crowded teeth can cause bone loss ... Read More »

Which kind of braces work better?

Well, I know you want to eat popcorn, candy and all that stuff, but I'd say that Metal/Ceramic Braces are the best. Also you can't always have Invisalign ( the " guard-like braces " ), because they... Read More »

How to Play a Trumpet Better With Braces?

Any trumpet player knows that his embouchure, or the shaping and tensing of his lips, is extremely important to the quality of his playing. When a young player gets braces, he must adapt to the eff... Read More »

Do I look better with braces or without them?

I like both, each has their own uniqueness.Without sends the message pretty and cute.With braces sends down to earth.Did you just get them off?..I got my braces Saturday and they hurt like CRAZY, b... Read More »