Is Defragmenting the Same as Compacting in a Database?

Answer No. Defragmenting a database moves the data so that it occupies one physical location on the hard drive, while compacting it reduces the amount of wasted space to make the data file smaller. Both o... Read More »

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Is defragmenting the same as compacting?

Defragmenting refers to the process of moving computer files so they are sequential on the hard disk. Compacting is the process of compressing files such that they require less disk space. While bo... Read More »

Is relative database& relational database the same thing?

The answer to this could be both yes and no. Relative databases work with only like pieces of information. Relational databases manipulate both like and unlike pieces. It is complicated, but you ca... Read More »

Are all search engines pulling from the same database?

Each search engine forms its own view of the Internet by the use of "spiders," programs that follow the links between webpages. Different search engines thus have different databases, as can be see... Read More »

Are Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina a part of the same criminal database?

North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina have separate state criminal databases. The FBI operates a nationwide criminal database. Those who need criminal histories for each state may consider re... Read More »