Is Dean Winchester gay or bisexual?

Answer The writers and producers of the show would have us believe that Dean is straight. He seems to be honestly attracted to women in a sexual way so he isn't gay, no. However things like his reaction t... Read More »

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What is dean Winchester?

Dean Winchester is the main character, along with his brother Sam Winchester on the US hit series Supernatural. Dean and Sam are hunters, because their dad brought them into that life, always movin... Read More »

Does Dean Winchester have a girl friend?

The character Dean Winchester doesn't really have girlfriends. He has conquests and he has flings but he doesn't usually have girlfriends. The man Jensen Ackles that plays Dean Winchester is curre... Read More »

What did John Winchester whisper to Dean before dying?

"Sammy's got demon blood in him. You might have to kill him."

What is dean Winchester's wristwatch in supernatural season 7?