Is David Letterman an atheist?

Answer Dave is a very private man and has never publicly professed his faith. We do know, however, that when Dave was a boy, his mother worked as a church secretary for the Second Presbyterian Church of I... Read More »

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Didn't David Letterman name his band the world's most dangerous band in honor of david's favorite fake rassler dick the bruiser afflis who was known as wrestling's most dangerous man?

What is David Letterman's mom name?

Yes Oprah did star in a film she stared in the movie " color purple"

How old is david letterman son?

David Letterman's son Harry turned eight years old in early November 2011.

What did David Letterman do?

After college he worked at channel 13 in Indy as weather man .from then until he appeared on the Johnny Carson Show no idea .