Is Danish a hard language?

Answer On One Hand: Danish and English Have Common RootsBecause of the common roots that the Danish language has with that of the Anglos and Saxons--who once lived on the south shore of the Baltic Sea--an... Read More »

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Is Danish a language?

Danish is recognized as the official language of Denmark. It is spoken by more than 6 million people, of which 5 million are in Denmark. Danish is also spoken in other locations, such as Germany, t... Read More »

What language do the Danish speak?

The Danes speak the Danish language. Danish is an Indo-European, Germanic language that derives from the East Norse dialect group, together with Swedish. It is spoken by more than 5 million people ... Read More »

Is it true that Danish is the dominant language spoken in Australia?

Danish--DenmarkAustralia--AustralianYou--Moron Get it !

Is German a hard language to learn?

On One Hand: Practical ConsiderationsWhat access you have to German-language materials and why you are studying it influence how easy learning German can be. Learning German may seem less difficult... Read More »