Has anyone seen the fake fight btw Clint mckay and Daniel Christian in BBL 02?

Answer No, I did not

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Is Joe Mauer dating anyone?

Joe Mauer is a major league baseball catcher for the Minnesota Twins. He has been linked to dating various women, including former Miss USA winner Chelsea Colley. However, as of July 2010, there ha... Read More »

Where does Daniel cook live you know the show This Is Daniel Cook?

Is Laura whitemore dating anyone?

Last I heard she was dating the lead singer from The Coronnas but that was ages ago so who knows, I think I may have heard something about her n Niall Horan but its prob just a rumor like most thin... Read More »

Is Oprah Winfrey dating anyone?

She has been with partner Stedman Grahm for over 20 years.