Is DSL faster than high speed dial up Internet?

Answer DSL is faster than high-speed dial-up internet because it connects directly to the Internet, rather than using the phone lines. It's considered more convenient because you don't get a busy signal a... Read More »

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Is AT&T high speed internet the same as dial up?

No. There is a world of difference. High speed is the same as broadband and many times faster than dial up. AT&T offers different levels of speeds at different prices, the faster the costlier, b... Read More »

Is high-speed Internet faster than broadband DSL?

Cable Internet has been higher than DSL for some time. In 2008 cable companies upgraded their networks with fiber optics, making them superior in speed. Basic cable Internet download speeds are 4 t... Read More »

Whats faster Comcast high speed internet or At&t Yahoo DSL Elite?

Comcast High Speed is much faster than DSL. However, Verizon FiOS is even faster than Comcast. Most DSL's top out at 1.5Mbs download speed. Currently Comcast is at at least 6 Mbs. However, Veriz... Read More »

Is there a faster phone cord to speed up dial-up?

Dial-up Internet connections are limited to 56 kilobits per second, according to the High Speed Internet Access Guide. A new phone cord probably won't speed up your connect much, unless your old co... Read More »