Is DDR2 ram dual-channel?

Answer DDR2 ram may be dual channel if it is DDR2-SDRAM and has 128 pins, but dual-channel is actually supported through the motherboard. You can usually tell a machine that supports dual channels because... Read More »

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What Is DDR2 Dual Channel Memory?

DDR2 dual channel memory refers to memory that operates at clock rates of 400MHz and above. It is capable of transmitting data twice every clock cycle. It is not compatible with motherboards that a... Read More »

Which performs better a single 2GB DDR2 or Dual 1GB DDR2 on two slots?

If your motherboard supports dual channel, then the dual channel is better.Matt, however is incorrect in saying that all motherboards in the past six years are dual-channel. Most are, however some ... Read More »

Can non-dual channel be used in a dual channel supported mother board?

Dual channel supported motherboards are compatible with single-channel memory. Single-channel memory is present when there is only one DIMM (dual in-line memory module) installed or when multiple ... Read More »

Is ddr2 ram dual channnel?

DDR-2 RAM supports dual-channel operation. However, dual-channel support is a function of the memory controller--a part of the motherboard--rather than the memory itself. If the memory controller s... Read More »