Is DDR2 RAM compatible with DDR RAM?

Answer DDR2 RAM is not backward-compatible with a DDR RAM slot. DDR RAM is an older version of SDRAM. DDR2 RAM is an improvement in efficiency and speed from the original DDR RAM.Source:PC Stats: Introduc... Read More »

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Is ddr2 memory compatible with ddr?

DDR, or Double Date Rate, is a type of memory chip for your computer. DDR2 chips are capable of going faster than DDR, with DDR3 having the fastest capacity. The two, however, are not compatible. T... Read More »

Is PC5200 DDR2 compatible with PC2700 DDR DIMM?

PC5200 DDR2 RAM is not compatible with PC2700 DDR memory or DDR memory of any other speed. DDR2 RAM is compatible with other memory speeds, but not other memory types. A few other memory types you ... Read More »

Is DDR PC2700 compatible with DDR2 Kingston memory?

First-generation DDR, including PC2700, is not compatible with any type of DDR2. The computer can use different speeds of DDR together as long as they are from the same generation. For example: D... Read More »

Is a ddr3 video card compatible with a ddr2 motherboard?

The DDR3 memory on your video card is entirely separate from the DDR2 memory on your motherboard. As long as the motherboard has a suitable interface for your video card, such as PCI-Express, they... Read More »