Is Cyanogenmod 7.2 perfectly stable on Samsung Galaxy Fit ?

Answer There is always in performing unofficial mods. You need to search it on XDA forum. CM 7 is highly stable, and i use it too on my Xperia X8. Just check on the Cyanogenmod website to ensure that ur d... Read More »

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Is it good to update my samsung galaxy gt-i5503 from android 2.2 to cyanogenMod 7?

Is samsung galaxy note 2 also waterproof like samsung galaxy s3?

No such thing as a waterproof phone. A headphone jack or a charging port will let water in. Never mind the speaker and mic.The Galaxy S3 has "waterproof" cases. Consider them water resistant, not... Read More »

Which phone is better - Samsung galaxy S advance or Samsung galaxy S2 plus?

galaxy s2 plus is an integration of is betterthan s has a brodcom processor. well you will get xperia ion for 22k. I would like to recommend you nexus 4 considering the fact that y... Read More »

Will samsung galaxY s3 mini go cheaper if samsung galaxy s4 comes out?

I don't really understand why people get smart phones. If all you need is calling and text messaging, what can it do better than something that costs a fraction of the price and is a far smaller si... Read More »