Is Crossfire supported on an AMD motherboard?

Answer Several motherboards that use AMD CPUs support ATI's Crossfire technology. Since the merger of ATI and AMD in 2006, the new company has supported the production of multiple AMD/Crossfire platforms... Read More »

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What 810E motherboard is compatible with an Intel class motherboard?

The 810 chipset is made by Intel, making every 810 and 810E motherboard an Intel-class board. This chipset supports a range of Pentium III and Celeron processors with such features as embedded aud... Read More »

Can I crossfire like this?

No it will not work. There are a lot of things wrong with your build. First off your motherboard is a microATX. MicroATX is the really small mobos. Get a standard sized ATX. Second you can't have c... Read More »

Is Crossfire free?

Crossfire is a free online first-person shooter. The free download can be found at Z8Games (see resources). Crossfire is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.Refe... Read More »

Will AMD/ATI CrossFire give me more FPS?

A bit of a strange question, ofcourse it'll give you more fps, but and ipad is totally different. It all depends, do you want higher fps or an ipad