Is Corningware dishwasher safe?

Answer use a blow drier to melt the wax again then using a wet towelette wipe it up! works wonders!

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Is Corningware oven-safe?

According to, most CorningWare stoneware, ovenware and bakeware may be used in a conventional oven, as well as in microwave and convection ovens. Instructions are found on the botto... Read More »

Is CorningWare microwave safe?

CorningWare is microwave safe. The brand of cookware launched in 1958 but was bought out by World Kitchen in the 1990s. Today, this stoneware can be used in microwaves, as well as in ovens and conv... Read More »

Is CorningWare stove-top safe?

CorningWare is not stove-top safe. To prevent personal injury and property damage, the CorningWare company recommends keeping their bakeware and dinnerware away from all direct heat sources. Also a... Read More »

Is Corningware stovetop safe?

CorningWare produces several lines of stoneware bakeware that are appropriate for baking and reheating food in the oven and microwave. However, none of CorningWare's bakeware can be used on the sto... Read More »