Is Cordyceps good for congestive heart failure?

Answer On One Hand: Cordyceps informationCordyceps is an herbal supplement made from Cordyceps sinensis, the Chinese Caterpillar fungus. It has been used for centuries in Chinese and Tibetan medicine, and... Read More »

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Is Benfotiamine good for congestive heart failure?

On One Hand: There Is Limited Evidence for BenfotiamineMost scientific studies of Benfotiamine focus on its benefits for diabetic patients, rather than its applications to congestive heart failure ... Read More »

Is aloe vera good for congestive heart failure?

On One Hand: Aloe Vera May Be Used To Treat CHFAccording to Mayo Clinic, aloe vera is occasionally used to treat congestive heart failure (CHF). However, this use is based only on tradition or scie... Read More »

Is congestive heart failure curable?

On One Hand: Causes of Congestive Heart FailureThe National Institutes of Health defines heart failure as the weakening of the heart's ability to pump all the blood it receives. When it can't pump ... Read More »

What are symptoms of congestive heart failure?

RV CHF:anorexia,nausea,pain inright upper part of abdomen,high heart rate,low blood pressure,enlargement of liver,cold extremitiesLV CHF:shortness of bresthe(dyspnea)PNH(paroxismal nocturnal dyspne... Read More »