Best movie with TOM HANKS?

Answer The Green Mile.

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Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks?

Tom cruise and Tom Hanks are both completely different Tom Hanks is a lot more diverse whereas Tom cruise is the same character in each movie but just in a different story but his movies are more a... Read More »

What academy awards did tom hanks win?

Tom Hanks is a staple in American cinema. He often portrays the lovable everyman in films, and has topped the annual Harris Poll more three times as America's Favorite Male Movie Star. His acting h... Read More »

Which is your favourite Tom Hanks film?

Forest Gump - his films really are like a box of chocolate - with lots of different fillings and themes . I agree he is a great actor

Adam sandler or tom hanks?

Is very hard !Because Tom Hanks is a great actor, , but he made movies different than Adam Sandler,like Forrest Gump...etcMaybe both!