Has anyone ever tried coldstone ice cream creamery?

Answer yeah me too, the strawberry shortcake is the best. i miss the cake batter ice cream

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Homestead Creamery Tours in VA?

The Homestead Creamery was established in Franklin County, near Roanoke, Virginia, in 2001. By 2006, the company had gained hundreds of customers, delivering milk, eggs, coffee beans and ice cream ... Read More »

Cold Stone Creamery?

check out this article, pretty interesting…

Does Cabot Creamery use artificial growth hormones?

Cabot Creameries has not used milk containing artificial growth hormones since August 2009--so says Michael Provost, Cabot's customer satisfaction manager. Provost says Cabot Creameries, a cooperat... Read More »

My boss insists I use the internet for company business only, should he mind his own business and STFU?

Definitely tell him to STFU. What a jerk. You gotta keep these employers in their place or they'll walk all over you. Send him my heartfelt FU's while your'e at it. The miserly fecker is lucky ... Read More »