Is Coffee a Acquired Taste?

Answer Not if it's good. And no one should ever acquire a taste for bad coffee.When I was younger, I thought coffee was nasty after trying some my parents made & loved. Later, I tried some coffee at a res... Read More »

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Poll what is something you feel is acquired taste?

Raw Tuna....Sashimi... melts in your mouth deliciousStraight tequila...but good ones. Need not be expensive as I have found that some priced at $30 a bottle goes down smoother than some priced $3... Read More »

How to Measure Coffee for a Great Taste?

Coffee serves as a rich, bold beverage that's served either chilled or hot. It can be caffeinated, decaffeinated, blended with creams or enjoyed as-is without any sweetener. However, the flavor of ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Coffee Taste From a Travel Mug?

Over time, coffee leaves a strong smell in your frequently used travel mugs. This is due partly to the strong smell of the coffee itself, but a bigger reason why your travel mug clings to the smell... Read More »

How do I become accustomed to the taste of coffee?

I was the same way, but figured it would be in my best interest for college instead of killing myself with energy drinks. All I did was find a liquid creamer I liked and put it in my coffee. At fir... Read More »