Is Clorox bleach chlorine-free?

Answer No Clorox bleach is chlorine-free. All Clorox liquid bleach varieties, including Clorox Regular-Bleach, Clorox Outdoor Bleach Cleaner and scented Clorox bleaches, contain the active ingredient sodi... Read More »

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Does clorox bleach contain chlorine?

Yes, Clorox bleach does contain chlorine. Clorox purchases chlorine from chlorine manufacturers and makes household bleach. Clorox bubbles the chlorine into a solution of water and sodium hydroxide... Read More »

Can I mix chlorine bleach& non-chlorine bleach together?

Never mix chlorine bleaches with non-chlorine bleaches, also known as "peroxide" bleaches. In contrast to chlorine bleaches, which use chlorine to work, non-chlorine bleaches use peroxide as the ac... Read More »

Sodium hypocholorite and/or chlorine dioxide: bleach, or not bleach?

When you mix it up with citric acid according to the directions, it produces chlorine dioxide.From Wiki: "Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula ClO2. This yellowish-green gas cr... Read More »

How much chlorine is in Clorox?

Clorox Regular Bleach, manufactured by the Clorox Company, contains 5.7 percent chlorine in a 60-oz. bottle. Used for laundry and household cleaning, Clorox bleach originated in Oakland, Calif., in... Read More »