Is Clorox (Bleach) for mouth wash safe?

Answer I've been doing this for years (per my dentist's instructions), but I put it in the reservoir of my water-pick...This, with thorough cleaning, cured my gingivitis.The people answering are ignoring ... Read More »

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Is Clorox bleach safe for pools?

According to Pool Solutions, you can use Clorox regular scent in above-ground or in-ground pools. A 5,000-gallon pool requires 3 cups of bleach, a 10,000-gallon pool needs 6 cups of bleach and a 20... Read More »

Who discovered Clorox bleach?

The first bleaching chemical was a powder patented in 1799 by Scottish inventor Charles Tennant. In 1913, Edward Hughes, Charles Husband, William Hussey, Rufus Myers and Archibald Taft invested in ... Read More »

Can you put non-clorox bleach in the dishwasher?

It is normal for dishwashes to discharge below the sink into the "S bend" (otherwise called the trap) this trap is there to stop the smell from the drain coming into the house. Often there is a spi... Read More »

Is Clorox bleach an acid?

Clorox bleach is a base. Any liquid with a pH greater than 7 is a base. The active ingredient in Clorox bleach is sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), which has a pH level of around 11.Source:The Clorox Co... Read More »