Is 'Cleverbot' a real bot, or a person?

Answer The technology behind Cleverbot works on a different principle to that of other artificial intelligence software being developed. The system is designed to learn language and context through intera... Read More »

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Is Cleverbot a person or really a computer?

Cleverbot is a website that may seem like all fun and games, but it is fake. While you chat to the so called "cleverbot" the only thing that is happening is that you are talking to other users. You... Read More »

What is cleverbot Are you talking with a person or a computer?

you are speaking to a computer that browses through everything that people have inputted into it to give u a reply

How do I use cleverbot?

How do i get cleverbot? i am a MLIA reader too haha. PS i have a mac

How to use Cleverbot?

I suppose you saw that on MLIA. I just type in stuff. And wait. It's kinda stupid though.