Is Cineraria a Perennial?

Answer Dusty miller (Senecio cineraria) is a low-growing, mounding perennial that belongs to the aster/daisy family. The plant is characterized by soft, feltlike leaves, which are a pale shade of silvery ... Read More »

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How to Propagate the Centaurea Cineraria With a Root Division?

Centaurea cineraria is the scientific botanical name for dusty miller, a type of spreading plant grown for its silvery gray leaves. It grows to an average height of 12 inches, creating a dense, shr... Read More »

Are carnations perennial?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture classifies carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) as a perennial flower. In the United States, the carnation grows wild only in Arkansas in Massachusetts, but is a co... Read More »

What is a perennial plant?

Answer Perennials:-These plants are mostly shrubs and trees which alive for many years.They produce flowers,seeds and fruits year after year.E.g:-Mango,China Rose etc.A perennial plant is a plant t... Read More »

Is vinca a perennial?

Vinca (Catharanthus) is a summer flowering annual. This annual likes sunny, hot weather and produces blooms all season long. It is sometimes confused with the common periwinkle (Vinca minor) and th... Read More »