Is Chocolate Milk really the milk with blood in it?

Answer Its not blood I promise you. The blood they are refering to is from old black and white movies Chocolate syrup was used to SIMULATE blood and nothing more. If your still kinda hesitent about buying... Read More »

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Survey If you like hot chocolate do you prefer it made with water and a drop of milk or all milk or other?

First of all; woo scooter the magic squirrel answered this questionn!!! phaha what a legend.And now on to your question; what i had once in a hotel is in a small jug there was some milk and in the ... Read More »

I want to make hot chocolate with milk would anything happen to the milk if i heated it up?

It would get warm ;) Hot chocolate is better when made with milk, go for it!

Which is better : chocolate milk or strawberry milk?

Neither is good for you and both should be avoided.There is only one reason which I've found to support humans drinking cow's milk. We have grown up hearing that it's good for us and that we've gr... Read More »

Which One: White Milk or Chocolate Milk?