Which Asian country is better in your opinon today economy wise China or japan please saty china it makes anime better then japan?

Answer Anime, by definition, comes from Japan.

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How to Display China in a Country Hutch?

Country hutches are decorative pieces of furniture that allow you to display heirloom china collections as well as everyday dinnerware pieces. There are as many different types of hutches as there ... Read More »

Which country has the faster train(s): China or France?

Frances trains are faster. The Chinese train can go 267mph, but the French train can go 357mph -- 90mph faster.

How large is Beijing in comparison to the country of China?

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What Country Won the Third Most Medals at the Summer Games in China?

Russia won the third most medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics Games in Beijing, China. Russia's 72 medals placed third behind China, who won 100 medals, and the United States, who finished with 110.... Read More »