Is Chicken Tartar best served as an appetizer or as a main dish?

Answer Chicken Tartar is traditionally served alive, with the feathers on, and laid on its back. The Chicken, (like Ms Palin) will lie there quietly, and let you eat it, as long as it is laid on it's back... Read More »

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Does anybody ever watch "Are you being served" while scrapping the tartar off their teeth with a screwdriver?

Heavens no my lad, I use an angle grinder as the screwdriver is a smidge dangerous.

Are chicken fingers with fries considered an appetizer or a meal?

Whats a good meal including a appetizer,soup saladand a main course that includesauce garnish vegetable starch?

Unfortunately the little bit of words you had were the wrong ones. Sorry

Which Vegetables Should Be Served With Chicken Picatta?

Chicken piccata is an Italian-American dish that pairs piccata sauce with either bone-in chicken parts or pieces of boneless skinless chicken breast. It substitutes chicken, a U.S. protein staple, ... Read More »