Did you eat at Chick filet today?

Answer the ceo said nothing against gays. them little babies can wipe the tears off and suck it up.he has free speach like everyone else even some gays ate there because they were smart enough to realise.... Read More »

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Is Walmart open today New years day.?

My wife works at Wal-Mart. She was up at 4:45 AM and off to work at 5:30. She is a Baker.

What stores are open today?

Around my house some of the CVS drug stores are open the Flash Foods and Enmark gas stations are open and most all of the Chinese restaurants are open.

Do you pronounce it Chick-Fil-AY or Chick-Fil-uh?

Today is my father's open heart surgery ...?

hey prabhuu !!! tu bhi yaar ..kya choti si baat ki tension leeti hain heart surgery is not a major deal ...yaar medical science is now perfect and will handle ur dad case easily..u need not ... Read More »