How to Be Chic?

Answer Being chic is not about the most fashionable clothes, it's about what makes you feel comfortable and what style suits you.

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How to Be Heroin Chic?

The heroin chic is a lesser known style. It was popular in the early 1990's. It is characterized by pale skin, under eye circles and jutting bones. Kate Moss, Allison Harvard and Jamie King were al... Read More »

Chic Hairstyles?

Chic hairstyles are obtainable by everyone, whether your hair is long, short or somewhere in between. Classic shapes along with fashion forward looks are what make up today's chic hairstyles. Be ad... Read More »

How to Be the Snowboarder Chic?

Kelly Clark "Indie Grab"Have you ever wanted to snowboard or know how to snowboard but just don't have the look? Have you been called a "nerd" or a "skier" because of it? Luckily you have come to j... Read More »

How to Be Colorful Chic?

Have you ever wanted to have that funky looking room? What about those so stylish clothes that are cute, and unique? Personality = popular? Follow these rules and you're there!