Is Cheatham a Jewish name?

Answer The surname "Cheatham" appears not to be of Jewish origin, though that doesn't preclude conversion to Judaism by individuals with the surname. "Cheatham" is a recognized variant of "Cheetham," an E... Read More »

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Is uri ran a jewish name?

It is possible. Uri is definitely a Jewish name. Similar to Uriah and Uriel, Uri means "my light" or "my flame." As both a masculine or feminine name, Uri is relatively uncommon. However, Ran i... Read More »

Is lotz a jewish name?

The name "Lotz" is German in origin. Families with the last name "Lotz" began to settle in North America in the late 1700s, in what is now Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Obviously, German Jews could h... Read More »

Is Henneberger a Jewish name?

The name Henneberger is not an explicitly Jewish name. It's a "habitational surname" that literally means "of Henneberg" (a town in Thuringia, central Germany.) Both Jewish and non-Jewish people ha... Read More »

Is Lewis a Jewish name?

The name Lewis is not Jewish. The name derived from those found in several regions of Europe. Some Jewish immigrants with similar-sounding names changed their names to Lewis when immigrating to Gre... Read More »