Om di chai su ni poti to ti at tou?


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Is chai tea good for you?

On One Hand: Black Tea Offers Health BenefitsBlack tea, the base ingredient in chai tea, may protect lungs from cigarette smoke damage and may reduce the risk of stroke, according to a WebMD articl... Read More »

How to Make Chai Tea?

A traditional drink of India and Pakistan, masala chai has become a popular beverage worldwide. While you may certainly purchase teabags at your local grocery store, you will achieve a more authent... Read More »

What is chai tea?

You may have seen chai tea on the menu in your favorite coffee shop, or chai tea bags on the shelf at the grocery store. While it's tempting to try something new, it's smart to know a little about ... Read More »

Starbucks chai tea lattes?

I love cold soy Chai tea lattes and hot milk Chai tea lattes. I can't have soy that often, but this was my preference when I was drinking soy milk. When it comes to soy, I love these icy cold :)