Going to dc in April- baltimoremaryland like to see uss sanctuary if it is still there served on it Jan 1968 to dec'68 as corpsman anyone know if it is still there thanks?

Answer No you cannot do that. The Navy SEALs is just that, the NAVY. You would have to finish your enlistment in the Marine Corps and then join the Navy.

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Are there still remenants of the "White Australia" policy from the early 20th century still in today's society?

Yes, there are but nowadays one can't makecomment that you are against gay marriages,non-white immigrants, abortion, religion orwhatever===because if you do so you havethe vocal minority group of l... Read More »

Is there any Mom out there who has nursed for over 20 months and still have nice-looking boobs?

HiI've seen quite a few of your questions on here now and every one you ask involves your husband how much of a complete **** hole him and his family are.It so bad I almost wonder if its even true!... Read More »

Igraduated back in 2001 but I still owe on a student laon, are there any grants out there that i can apply for?

There are a few options, but they are not easy ones. You could become a teacher and teach at an inner city school for a couple of years. Join the military. Do volunteer work through Americorps. Do ... Read More »

Is there any illegal child porn websites still out there?

There are probably tons of them out there, but if you search for them, you should probably be prepared to be arrested.. and probably need some psychological help as well.