Really dumb question but...does anyone else name their Christmas tree?

Answer There is someone out there who names their Christmas tree other than me! I recently purchased a new tree this year, as my old one Humphrey was getting worn out, and then I bought Monty. I went on a... Read More »

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PLEASE ANSWER, really short question, 10 pts. Best answer!!!?

If it is broken then quite probably you will get a cast. They need to immobilize all those bones in the wrist so it can heal. It could take up to a couple months. If it is sprained they may just gi... Read More »

Do you think i should smoke weed I really need help to decide or not its a really hard question.?

heII ya my fuickin sessy azz niggu sista XDill be right there with ya :P

Best line from a famous movie Line and film please. More info if poss. Thanks?

Does anyone actually select their best answers for their questions?

I Do All The Time. My Questions Are Never Older Than 2 Days. But I Don't Blame You, Sometimes People Do Ask Questions, Get Their Answers, And Don't Return The Favor.......Lazy Bastards......