How to fix the lens error in nikon s3000 in which lens shutter is not closed properly instead it is partly closed?

Answer Yes, all ipod touches have built in wifi.

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What is a closed-end ETF?

Closed-end ETFs, abbreviated CEFs, are stocks sold in a limited quantity that invest in a range of companies. An ETF is an exchange-traded fund that trades like a stock on an exchange, but tracks a... Read More »

Will google ever be closed down?

Will Walmart ever be closed down?Will Microsoft ever be closed down?Will Amazon ever be closed down?Nobody knows, anything is possible.

What does cc3 mean in closed captioning?

CC3 is simply a designator for closed captioning 3, one of the data streams reserved for closed captioning content. CC3 is often used for alternate captioning, such as in Spanish, but its usability... Read More »

What is a closed end mortgage?

A closed-end mortgage inhibits a borrower from making payments on a loan before its maturity date. While not always advantageous for the borrower, some lenders offer closed mortgages at more reason... Read More »