Why does my PC make so much noise Sounds like it has a fan always on. It is in a closed cabinet.?

Answer You just answered your own question. If the fan sounds like it is always on, and it is in a closed cabinet, it is probably not getting enough air circulation, and heat build up is causing your fans... Read More »

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Will google ever be closed down?

Will Walmart ever be closed down?Will Microsoft ever be closed down?Will Amazon ever be closed down?Nobody knows, anything is possible.

How to Reverse Someone from Inside the Closed Guard in Jiu Jitsu?

This technique is called the "hip bump". It is very effective against and opponent who is leaning too far away for you to pull down.

Poll...Did you ever feel like having a drink, but the liquor store is closed?

Hi Blue eyes, Sorry My taste is for Bud Lite it doesn't fill me up like the regular beer do.. People have difference taste for things and there isn't anything wrong with that My Friend. It doesn't... Read More »

Have you ever had toothache during a bank holiday or out of hours when the surgery is closed?

No I haven't but I was with the gf when she did, We phoned the NHS who said if it was unbareable to go to an emergency NHS dentist (which in this case was a hospital) and they removed the tooth for... Read More »