How can you make a website that is 100 percent free to show your photography?

Answer There's a few ways. is really easy. If you try it is more professional. is also very easy.

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What percent of african americans populations were considered free in 1790?

Before the Civil War counting free, non slave, African Americans was difficult. Run away slaves, mulattoes and other factors made it impossible to get an accurate count. In 1790, however, it is est... Read More »

If you have unlimited texting, do you get ChaCha answers for free?

chacha answers me for free on here all the time, sometimes she hits me up for sexual favors though, i don't mind

What is the 80 percent versus 60 percent in insurance plans?

Answer I would assume its 80/20 or 60/40, that would normally mean that you pay a minimum of 20 or 40 percent of each accident/ hospital visit. Contact your agent for a full explaination.

If coverage under a company plan pays 50 percent for root canal and crowns can you get a supplemental plan that covers part or all of the other 50 percent?

Answer I have not seen a supplemental policy that would cover the difference. If you did happen to be lucky enough to find such a policy that would, make sure there is not a limitation for a "pre-e... Read More »