Is Cellular South's internet fast where they have 3G data coverage?

Answer Trying phoning apple if not try restoring it.

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Can the bank holding the lien on a car find out if you have only liability and can they repossess if they require full coverage?

AnswerAbsolutely! The insurance company should be sending the lien holder a copy of your policy and if you are not providing full coverage they will either repossess the car or purchase Lender's Si... Read More »

Does Cellular South have a USB Internet connector?

Cellular South offers the Franklin Wireless U210 Data Card for USB mobile broadband access. Cellular South also sells the Novatel MiFi 2200, which connects computers to the 3G network via Wi-Fi.Re... Read More »

At the end of the month when us cellular gos 3g will they have the iphone?

no because on facetime you can only use it on other iphone 4s

I have part d prescription drug coverage, but they will not pay for some of the prescriptions i have been?

the only thing I can think of for you to do is on the medicines that part d doesn't cover you say no, no insurance---and just apply for medicines that it doesn't cover but that you take. My husband... Read More »