Is Carrasyn Hydrogel the same as normal gel?

Answer Carrasyn Hydrogel differs from some other gels in that it is pH balanced, isotonic, non-oily and contains acemannan, a compound derived from aloe vera, which may help speed wound healing.Source:Wal... Read More »

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A "normal" human (man or woman) could potentially go an entire life time of 100 or more years without sex, it's called celibacy. Therefore, the correct answer to your question is women, because the... Read More »

Hydrogel Experiments?

Conducting experiments with hydrogel crystals reveals a wealth of scientific information used by the medical and environmental scientific fields on a daily basis. Thanks to disposable diapers and g... Read More »

Surgical wound, can i put triple a or hydrogel?

There is no such thing as a triple antibiotic. I have no idea what you are talking about. If you have wound vac on your wound it is important to keep it on until it is healed completely.

How does Coke zero taste the same as normal Coca Cola?

It's a matter of opinion whether it tastes the same. It contains an artificial sweetener instead of sugar, and those have been getting better over the years - I remember when Diet Coke tasted awfu... Read More »