Is Carrasyn Hydrogel the same as normal gel?

Answer Carrasyn Hydrogel differs from some other gels in that it is pH balanced, isotonic, non-oily and contains acemannan, a compound derived from aloe vera, which may help speed wound healing.Source:Wal... Read More »

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Hydrogel Experiments?

Conducting experiments with hydrogel crystals reveals a wealth of scientific information used by the medical and environmental scientific fields on a daily basis. Thanks to disposable diapers and g... Read More »

Surgical wound, can i put triple a or hydrogel?

There is no such thing as a triple antibiotic. I have no idea what you are talking about. If you have wound vac on your wound it is important to keep it on until it is healed completely.

And when I record a video it doesn't do it normal all I hear is noises and lenses moving is that normal?

"hear is noises and lenses moving"... normal for a dSLR using auto focus, yes. It is in the manual.Resolution is to use an external mic, preferably using an external audio recorder rather that the ... Read More »

If the pregnancy test is positive is it normal to have cramping around your normal period time?

%REPLIES% Answer Yes, i have had crampind and mild abdomin pains around my normal period cycle. i sugest if you are that worried about it you should see a doctor to put your mind at ease. but i don... Read More »