Is Caribbean quartz a natural stone?

Answer Caribbean quartz is a term used by jewelers and is not a variety of gem, according to the American Gem Society. Quartz is a natural stone that comes in an array of natural colors. However, it can a... Read More »

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How to Cut Quartz Stone?

Quartz crystal is often worn as jewelry because some people believe that it has the ability to amplify positive energy, which can help improve your mood and health. Quartz stones are made from crys... Read More »

How to Straighten Natural Afro Caribbean Hair and Keep It Healthy?

So you're struggling with your natural afro hair? Well don't rush to relaxers here is a way to straighten natural afro hair but also how to keep it healthy!

Where does natural stone come from?

Natural stone is any stone that is mined, or is found in the ground, such as slate, marble or granite. Man-made, or synthetic stone, on the other hand, can be made to look like natural stone. One k... Read More »

How do I cut natural stone?

Hammer and ChiselScore the stone top, bottom and sides where you plan to cut. Use the corner of a bolster chisel (a broad, steel chisel designed for masonry work) to mark the stone. Place the stone... Read More »