Is Capstar safe?

Answer On One Hand: Exceptional Safety RecordCapstar is an oral pet medication that is used to kill flea infestations on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. The active ingredient is nitenpyram, which kills t... Read More »

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Can you crush Capstar?

Capstar, a medicine meant for flea-ridden dogs and cats, comes in capsule form and should be taken whole. Animals weighing two pounds or more can safely swallow a Capstar capsule. Dogs that weigh o... Read More »

Does Capstar work on fleas?

On One Hand: It Kills Adult FleasCapstar is a tablet that contains nitenpyram, and a single dose should kill all of the adult fleas on your dog or cat in 24 hours. Capstar enters a dog or cat's blo... Read More »

Can Capstar be given to a nursing mother?

Capstar is a versatile flea & tick treatment because it works quickly and can be given to almost every dog or cat. It is safe and effective for pregnant and nursing mothers, mostly because it is sa... Read More »

Novartis Capstar Information?

Capstar, manufactured by Novartis Animal Health Inc., is an oral treatment that rids cats and dogs of fleas. Fleas are a common parasite found on these household pets and often carry other illnesse... Read More »