Is Canon or Nikon better?

Answer intelligent through-the-lens (flash control)

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What is better, Canon or Nikon Why?

First, you must always remember this: "It isn't the camera, its the photographer."A person knowledgeable about light and composition and f-stops and ISO and shutter speeds will use either camera to... Read More »

Which is better, Nikon or Canon?

On One Hand: Canon is user friendlyFor most compact camera consumers, Canon offers a better selection of products that are easy to use and offer excellent results. Professional photographers like K... Read More »

Which better Nikon or Canon?

It comes down to personal preference where some may like how Nikon feels in their hands or how the layout of the Nikon Cameras are. Vice Verse on Canon Cameras.Nikon fans would be saying to get Nik... Read More »

Is a Nikon or Canon camera better...?

I saw the mostly popular Canon 500D than Nikon D5000. Canon has better quality, important Professional, More advanced and effective cost. Nikon has expensive cost, good quality, Professional and sl... Read More »