Is Calvin Klein's Obsession for women available in a splash?

Answer The Calvin Klein company does not sell the Obsession fragrance as a splash. As of June 2010, Calvin Klein limits Obsession's availability to body lotion and perfume for women and cologne for men.So... Read More »

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OMG - It is better then sex! I swear! I have to do it every day and sometime twice. It can't hurt you if you don't damage your eardrum by sticking the Q-Tip in too deep. OMG - Just talking about it... Read More »

How to Get over an Obsession?

Sometimes if you are obsessed it can be hard to get over it. People get obsessed over random things, but nearly all of them can be cured quickly.

What is the obsession with...?

There is a bran muffin cult lurking in YA..they chant about bran muffins and melting butter or things come out like butter, I can't quite make it out.

What is the meaning of the name calvin?

The name Calvin is of French origin and means “little bald one." Calvin is a diminutive form of “Calve,” which came from "chauve,' the French word for bald. Some variants of Calvin include Ca... Read More »