Why do home phone caller IDs show the name of the caller but cell phones do not?

Answer because CNAM cost the carrier money, granted it is only like 1 cents per 10,000 dips or something extremely cheap like that, but when you figure lets say 100 million cell phone users with 4 calls p... Read More »

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What ever happened to using Caller ID and Annonymous Caller rejection for their intended purposes?

Has anyone here used TELUS Anonymous Caller ID or Caller Reveal or any other similar features Please answer.?

hello, stephen, yes I use this!!!I like the wildcard feature, just dial 800 * and all 800 number will not get thru....… ... Read More »

Is LimeWire illegal in California?

LimeWire is a peer-to-peer file-sharing client that is legal in the entire United States. LimeWire remains legal as long as you share and distribute files that are not under copyright.References:Li... Read More »

Are HID lights illegal in California?

Many cars come with built-in HID (high-intensity discharge) lights, and these are legal in California. However, all after-market HID conversion kits are illegal in the entire United States, accordi... Read More »