Is C10 hydrogen?

Answer No. C10 is the rated capacity of a battery. The most frequently used term to describe a battery's ability and power to deliver current is its rated capacity. C equals charge and C10 means the charg... Read More »

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What is the pressure of a hydrogen storage supply tank for a hydrogen fuel cell?

Current fuel cells typically store hydrogen gas at 5,000 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure. State-of-the-art tanks with a 10,000 psi capacity are in development. Cryogenic storage of liquid... Read More »

DIY Hydrogen Gas?

Hydrogen is the most basic element in the periodic table. It is used in many processes, such as those involved in petroleum and chemical industries. It is also used as a coolant for power sources b... Read More »

How big is a hydrogen bomb?

Hydrogen bombs are measured in terms of explosive strength. According to NASA, the Tsar Bomb--the largest hydrogen bomb ever tested--weighed 27 metric tons with a 50 megaton explosion. This was 3,2... Read More »

Is hydrogen a non-metal?

Hydrogen in its pure form is a gas, and thus considered a nonmetal; however, hydrogen may be turned into a metal, but only under pressure so intense that it occurs in some parts of space, but not o... Read More »