Is Butyl Rubber Used When Replacing Auto Windows?

Answer Auto windows, such as windshields, need to be properly attached during installation. Many sealants are available, from butyl rubber to urethane, but some work better than others. Safety is the key ... Read More »

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What Is Butyl Rubber?

Butyl rubber is a co-polymer resulting from the conjunction of two distinct polymers: isobutylene and isoprene. As a commercial product it demonstrates superb impermeability with gases and is highl... Read More »

Butyl Rubber Vs. Silicone?

Rubber is an important material that has hundreds of uses. From tires to computer keyboards, rubber is present in many of the products we benefit from daily. Because rubber is a polymer, it has bee... Read More »

Replacing Auto Shocks?

Shocks have different characteristics and can be used effectively to control the suspension and enhance the ride. The first shock is the standard basic oil filled shock. It does a fair job on smoot... Read More »

Replacing Auto Weatherstripping?

The headlights on your Infinity QX4 are vital for the safety of you and your family. Driving with a burned out headlight, especially at night or in bad weather, can lead to an accident or a citatio... Read More »